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Are you ready to be out of pain with the freedom to walk, run, jump, create, laugh and LIVE?

The Doc

Upon his return to Idaho and opening his private practice, Dr. Brewer became
the prenatal and newborn chiropractor for a birthing center, helping pregnant mamas and newborn babies.

Word got out about his willingness to travel and to serve and he became the team chiropractor for the Idaho roller derby clubs attending bouts, assessing and adjusting team members on the sidelines.
And for the last 16 years, he has established himself as a wellness specialist providing healthy living tips and ergonomic strategies to law firms, manufacturing plants, dentists, and tech companies.

Dr. Brewer's adjusting style is a very gentle, low-pressure technique called the activator method. Combining this with the Pettibon rehabilitative system,
cold laser therapy, and supplementation, patients experience change -- no pain, doing more, moving better, and living a more complete life.
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